Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

 Adventure Sailing School

Cancellation policy: NO REFUNDS from June 1.    Exception if you fill the vacant spot with an appropriate candidate.

If for extreme heat, rain, adverse weather conditions or whatever reason we are unable to have the kids on the boats, as long a we provide a land based alternative there is no refund for the days not on boats. If you choose to keep you kids home on those days, there is still no refund.

If your child incurs any condition during sailing school that prevents their child from swimming, if you keep said child home, there is no refund.

If we are unable to have sailing school due to natural disaster, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, torrential rain, etc, there is no refund but we are willing to allow students to make up that day on another day of sailing school, provided that we have space. This day can also be made up the following season.

No refunds for gift certificates. No exceptions.

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